Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Newport Dunes Family Vacation

Last week we took a family vacation to Newport Dunes.  We camped for four nights, which has been our longest camping trip to date.  We all did great and it was so nice staying in our own trailer rather than renting a house like we normally do on Balboa Island.  Hubby and I agreed that Newport Dunes was not our favorite spot for camping so far but we all still had a great vacation.   Next time we would stay for a maximum of maybe 3 nights, 4 was a bit excessive.  The campsites were so, so and the beach does not quite compare to Silver Strands or the views from San Onofre but it was nice having a pool or beach for the girls to choose from.

As soon as we settled in Sunday afternoon we went down to the water for a bit.  The girls still brought their body boards even though there weren't any waves and loved swimming around on them.

After awhile spent at the beach we all got hungry and got ready to eat dinner

We took a long walk after dinner to check out the resort.  The girls rode their scooters while we followed behind.


Mornings start a bit earlier than I would like when camping with the girls but morning cuddles always make them a little better.

We got up eventually and took a stroll to the Market store to pick up some coffee and walked back along the beach.  The girls had already made up their minds the night before that they wanted to swim at the pool that morning so after breakfast and coffee we spent the morning at the pool

After lunch back at the trailer we switched up and headed to the beach so everyone was happy.  This ended up being our schedule everyday while we were there.

Monday afternoon our friends Kristine and Lily came out to visit.  The girls were very excited to have a friend coming out to play.

Kristine was kind enough to treat us all to an hour on a pedal boat.  I wasn't too excited about it at first and Brooklyn started to freak out as soon as she sat on it but once we started moving she was fine and it ended up being really fun.

Later after cleaning up from a very long day out in the sun we BBQ'd up some hot dogs and made chili cheese fries.

The girls rode their scooters for quite awhile until Brooklyn took a pretty bad spill and cut her toe bad.  The night was saved with some band aids, pajamas and movie before bed.

Tuesday morning was spent back at the pool followed by lunch and then the beach once again.  Our vacation was definitely not without complaints.  Kayla spent most of the time whining and complaining non stop about whatever we weren't doing or anything else she could find to complain about.  We were doing what we could to ignore her so I was very fortunate to get a smile out of her for a picture when she was actually just sitting next to me to complain. #alwaysoneinthefamily #we'renotperfect

Brooklyn could care less what was going on, she was having a blast!  #easygoingchild

Mommy and daddy survived with beers on the beach.

The restaurant at the resort had taco Tuesday so for dinner we of course took advantage of the delicious tacos, well everyone except Brooklyn who opted for pizza instead. 

After dinner and taking a selfie in the bathroom with my girls we all headed to Balboa Island for dessert and to walk around and dream of living on the picturesque island someday.

The resort had activities for kids scheduled daily and Wednesday morning they had rainbow loom for the kids.  Kayla was excited and happy to create some bracelets while Brooklyn and daddy swam at the pool.

Later we met up with them and Kayla and Brooklyn swam together.  They played so well together the entire trip.  #bestbuddies

Brooklyn was wiped out and was starting to fall asleep a bit so we recharged with a late lunch

and then back to the beach for our last full day of vacation.

The nice part about camping at Newport Dunes is all the nearby restaurants.  We went to eat at Joe's Crabshack the last night.  We love the location of this restaurant and the girls enjoy the view as well.

Daddy even spotted a special boat while we were eating

and lets just be honest here about why we keep coming back to this place.  The smore's dessert is absolutely amazing and my favorite dessert of all time!!

Thursday afternoon we were going to be checking out to head home but not before stopping into the arcade room they had at the resort so the girls could play some games.

They also got to pick out one souvenir from the shop and of course they each picked out a stuffed animal, Brooklyn a hedgehog and Kayla a horse. 

This was our last camping trip for the Summer since school is about to start as well as soccer season making free time non existent for the next few months.  We've enjoyed our trailer so much and I can't wait for all of the other fun places we get to visit together in the future!

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Kristine said...

That ice cream cone pic with B in sunglasses is a total framer. We love crashing your camping trips! ;) Lovely tradition you have there!