Saturday, July 11, 2015

Our Week

We are one month away from back to school.  Weeks just keep flying by and I really wish it would last a bit longer!  We've been keeping pretty busy and enjoying every bit of it together.

Monday after a trip to the supermarket the girls and I ate lunch together on the back patio

As usual Brooklyn took forever so I stayed out to keep her company while Kayla ran off to play inside

Later that afternoon Brooklyn wanted to swim and Kayla insisted on staying inside, she came out for a popsicle though and then went right back in once she was done.

I chose water to cool me down while Brooklyn ran around playing

In the evening I moved onto wine and got both girls out to ride bikes and scooters for a bit

Tuesday I chopped Kayla's hair!
She isn't a huge fan of short hair but I love it on her.

We took a trip to Target and while we were there Brooklyn ran around like a wild animal.  I swear I needed a leash for her, she kept running off.  She came over at one point dressed in some minion gear she found.

After our fun at Target it was off to Costco where I was scared to check out because I had so much stuff.  I kept adding things in thinking I didn't want to have to come back when school starts.  I think we are stocked for awhile....I hope!

The girls Wednesday morning dreaming of owning their own American Girl dolls

Wednesday we had a playdate at Brooklyn's buddy Brayden's house.

Video games had them cracking up and kept them all happy when they weren't playing dress up

Brooklyn thought dressing up like a super hero was so cool!  

Back at home that night the girls rode bikes again in the front after enjoying some homemade popsicles.

What happened to that little girl I remember...Kayla looks so much older now!

Thursday we took a trip to our library to checkout their Lego challenge.  It said it was for ages 6-12 but Brooklyn snuck in anyway.  I sat next her to help her but she would not let me.  She did pretty awesome all on her own.  The first challenge was to create an insect, plant or flower.   Brooklyn put together a little farm with lots of plants and even made a little dog house

Kayla made some flowers.

Next up they were supposed to create a new ride for Knott's Berry Farm.

Brooklyn did awesome again all on her own.  Kayla was sitting at another table with some boys she knew from school.  (already she is too cool for her family!)  I kept checking on her to make sure she was actually making something because she was pretty busy giggling most of the time but she pulled her ride together in maybe the last 5 minutes.  #itsalreadystarting #boys

Finally Friday night came and we needed a movie night.  We watched The Karate Kid II and the girls loved it.  It's so fun watching movies I watched as a kid with the girls.

Brooklyn's face when the fighting takes place.

We are off to the beach next week and hoping for some good weather so we can enjoy it.  I'll be taking a break from posting for the week but feel free to follow me along on Instagram to see what we are up to!.


Tara said...

I love your happy week! I have one that takes FOREVER to eat as well and we are always waiting for her! Love the lunch outside. We've gotta do that more this summer. Because it goes by so quickly! And one month til back to school.... say it aint sooooo!

Becca said...

All of this looks so fun..I love Kayla's hair. My sister and I each got an American Girl doll for Christmas when we turned 7 or 8 and it is something I will keep forever!