Friday, July 10, 2015

Ten on Ten

ten on ten button

It might be the middle of July but it feels like Fall around here.  Our weather went from hot to chilly the past few days and I'm loving it!  After 4th of July is over I'm counting down til the day I can buy pumpkins!!  The only downside of this weather is that we are heading to the beach next week and the clouds will definitely not be a good thing by the ocean.  In the meantime I'll just enjoy wearing jeans and flip flops!

After breakfast I found Kayla sharing a seat with Mr Bear.  I guess a cold and cloudy morning calls for some cuddle time while reading a good book.

An early morning trip to Walmart to stock up on some food

This chai latte and Parenthood reruns got me through the pile of laundry I needed to iron!

The guest room bed is ready for our house sitter :)

I have a weakness for little chairs, if I find one for sale and the price is right it is coming home with me!  I think I have about 8 kids chairs throughout my home but only 2 kids.  I should have more kids!

Those chairs were pushed up to the counter to help me bake our favorite peanut butter m&m cookies!

Summer lounging 

I sat on this chair and talked to my mom on the phone for two hours today.  Have I mentioned I love the lazy days of Summer?!

Friday night calls for pizza and a movie night!

Oh and I had to add this in because I found my favorite Fall beer in the outside fridge and I swear the first sip took me straight to October 2014!

Have a great weekend!


Jill said...

Lovely post! I haven't done 10 on 10 in awhile... maybe next month? LOL Have a great vacation.


Breanne said...

Those little chairs are darling! I would collect them as well! Beautiful home.

Becca said...

Yeah, you definitely just need 8 kids! Hahaha