Monday, September 7, 2015

Cowgirl Party

Tomorrow my baby girl will turn 6 years old and since all soon to be 6 year olds need a great party to celebrate we made sure to do just that with a Cowgirl Party, per her request.

When Brooklyn decided on a Cowgirl party I was really excited!!  I loved the idea of hay bales, cowboy boots and hats.  I knew it was going to be fun decorating for this party.

She was so excited for the day to finally arrive and especially since just about every friend she invited was coming!

There were about 15 kids running around all having a great time!

I love Brooklyn cheering on her buddy Brayden in this pic

Brooklyn poses for every picture and this day she made sure to hold up her six fingers in just about every picture I tried to take of her.  
She is a very proud 6 year old!

She got so many great presents and has been busy building Legos, dressing barbies and playing with shopkins the last few days.  Thank gosh it's a three day weekend so we can all recover from the amount of fun we had celebrating our soon to be six year old!


Kelli said...

Such a fun party and her smaile❤️. Juliana had a cowgirl party last year and it was one of my favorite parties!

Becca said...

We had so much fun! Happy birthday Brooklyn!!!!!

Kristine said...

Such an adorable theme and your decorations were on point! 😄