Thursday, October 15, 2015

Doheny Beach Part 2

Sunday we all woke up early after a pretty good nights sleep disregarding the heat.  We heated up some breakfast burrittos and headed down to the beach to enjoy the views while we ate.

Back at the trailer we relaxed a bit, Brooklyn colored while Kayla read us a ton of jokes from her joke book.

The cutest camp dog around!

After lounging around we headed down to the water, the beach was much less crowded than Saturday.  I was surprised at all the people that left early Sunday morning but maybe they were over the heat!

Poor bird doesn't have a chance enjoying the beach with these girls around (love their sneaky walk trying to catch it).

Doheny has amazing waves and there were a ton of surfers and paddle boarders out there enjoying them.

a rare picture of Kayla out of the water, much less laying down!

After hours and hours of playing in the waves, I noticed both girls playing in the sand with seaweed.   I went down to find them pretending each piece was either the mom, dad, brother or sister. They played house with seaweed for about an hour happily.

Best Sisters Forever!

After 3 amazing days spent playing in the ocean and 2 not so amazing nights trying to sleep in a hot trailer hubby and I decided we were going to leave Sunday evening after dinner instead of Monday morning.   We would beat the traffic and get to sleep in an air conditioned house!  The girls were a bit sad but agreed it would be nice to take showers and sleep in their own beds.  If there was a chance of missing out on beach time we definitely would have stayed but Monday morning was going to be a get up and go straight home day anyway.  We definitely will be going back to Doheny but hopefully not during a 90 degree temperature weekend.  Who would of thought it would be our hottest camping trip so far especially since we were camping at the beach and in October!

Monday night I received this letter from Kayla in our Mommy and Me journal which brought a few tears to my eyes.   I love that they are having so much fun on each trip we take and they are going to have these memories forever, it makes all the panning, cleaning and prepping worth every minute!

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Billie Jo said...

You are an amazing mamma, my friend...
Such wonderful memories you are making for your girls!!!!