Saturday, November 21, 2015

Our Week

Well I'm glad this week is over!  The girls had minimum days all week due to conferences so I had about an hour in between pick up times to bring Brooklyn home and make her lunch to eat it and then head back to the school to pick up Kayla.  It was nice though having them home early for the week and having no where to be!  
I started off my Monday morning by grocery shopping, stopping into Starbucks for my favorite chai latte and then coming home to cuddle on the couch and watch my favorite holiday movie, 'The Family Stone'  I will watch this atleast 100 times before January.  It's the absolute best!

Brooklyn and I waiting in the car for Kayla to get out, she always brings something to make the time go by, today it was barbies.

Tuesday at lunch she lost her third tooth, we had to search around for it since she didn't know what happened to it.  Luckily we found it so the tooth fairy could bring her some money that night.

The book fair was happening at school this week and Kayla asked to take some of her own money to buy these erasers that the girls love to collect.  She bought a pack of 5 and then 1 extra one so she could split them with her sister.  She's too sweet!

Brooklyn was a very happy little sister

Later that night while I was making dinner I found them quietly reading together in the living room.

While I was waiting for Kayla's conference Wednesday morning I spotted this cute poem and drawing she did.  I love kid art!  Both of the girls conferences went great, they are doing amazing and it's been a smooth sailing year for them both!!

Oh this child....Brooklyn loves to add a little certain something to her pajamas and this week it was snow hats.  She definitely marches to her own drum.

I've been sick for a month and got medicine from my doctor for what he said was a sinus infection which got rid of my cough, somewhat, but I'm still not feeling back to normal so I tried drinking this but couldn't even finish it because it is sooooo disgusting!   I just want to feel normal again and am so tired of being sick.

The girls enjoying some lazy evenings relaxing before bath/shower time

Brooklyns second snow hat choice of the week

Yay for FRIDAY!

I was helping out in Brooklyn's class for the day but I spent the morning watching Kayla play with her friends before class started.  She still doesn't mind mom hanging around so I'm enjoying it while I can.

Brooklyn's class was getting started on some holiday crafts.  We made Christmas stockings in the morning before the Kindergarten pow wow began.

I remembered helping out for Kayla's Kindergarten pow wow and now it was Brooklyn's turn.  I was a little sad that this was the last one, I really wish Kindergarten could last forever for her. 

While Brooklyn was enjoying her food Kayla came by to say hello

I was wiped out after all of that and was very happy by the time we picked up Kayla and realized our week of vacation was beginning.  We decided to kick off the upcoming week off with a much needed family movie night.  We have some really fun stuff planned for this week and we can't wait!

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Billie Jo said...

First off, I hope you are feeling better.
And next, I know all about trying to hold on to those "Last" of things...
When you have older kids, you enjoy it but think, "I still get to do this again with ..." And then suddenly...there you are!

At least we are both doing Kindergarten together. Flynn hasn't lost any teeth!!! But she is waiting!

Enjoy this time of year, my friend. I know you love it as much as I do!