Wednesday, November 18, 2015


After three and a half months of soccer we are now done!  The girls both had their team pizza parties last week and received their awards and trophies.   Both of them were pretty bummed the season is over and although rushing to practice everyday after school was not my favorite I really did enjoy watching them play!   

I'm pretty sure Brooklyn found her sport!  From the first practice I knew she was good, I texted hubby right away to tell him "she's good!" and then when games began and we saw how aggressive she was we knew this was for her.   After the last two years of softball and dance I figured she was definitely going to be my dancer, she is so girly and not really into softball, although she is playing again this Spring.  Dance just seemed to fit her so when she said no to dance this year and yes to trying out soccer I figured okay let's see how this goes, well it went great!  She truly enjoyed every bit of it and I can't wait to watch her next year when she moves up to the next level.

This year was Kayla's second year playing, she played when she was five and did okay but didn't really enjoy it much so I wasn't sure what was going to happen this year.  She plays soccer everyday at recess at school so I thought maybe she would enjoy it more this year and after the first two practices she was already complaining about all the running.  Her age level is just the beginning of the competitive stage so it was going to be hard to jump right in without much experience but by the fourth practice she had already found her favorite position on defense and claimed stopper as her spot.   The first couple of games we were thinking she's not aggressive enough and then out of nowhere one practice it all just clicked and she had no fear and became very aggressive!

She was the first on her team this season to score a goal and I swear I was so proud I may have teared up!  I was so proud of her and how far she came in just a couple of weeks.  By the end of the season she was doing amazing and her coaches even nominated her and two other girls for Spring Select!!!  We opted out of try outs for that since the girls are going to be playing softball instead but Kayla really had a hard time deciding between Spring soccer and softball.   

At her end of the season party Kayla was awarded defensive MVP/stopper award for her team.

I can't believe how good the girls did this season and how far they came, especially Kayla.  I really hope they keep their love for the game going and we get to enjoy many more amazing soccer games!


Billie Jo said...

Congratulations to your girls for all their achievements!!!
How proud you must be!
Enjoy your down time, my friend.
Here's hoping you get some wintry weather! : )

Becca said...

I love these soccer pictures! They look so fierce!