Friday, November 13, 2015


Since Wednesday was Veteren's day the girls did not have school which meant a perfect time for Brooklyn's doctor appointment and flu shots!  Obviously they were not happy about the shot part but I promised them ice cream if they were good so it helped a little.  Kayla cried, she has always hated shots and Brooklyn did not, she's a tough kiddo.

Brooklyn patiently waiting for her check up.  She was average for weight and above average in height for her age.  I always just figured she was a bit taller since she is older than most of the other Kindergarteners but now I know she is on the taller side and that must be why she looks so darn skinny!!

We had a pretty long wait so Kayla read some books to Brooklyn.  Sure makes it nice for me not having to entertain either one of them.

After the doctor visit and a quick trip to Walmart for some items I came home and finished planting my paperwhites and amaryllis for the holidays.  Fingers crossed they grow beautifully!

I picked up these cute turkey jars from Target about a month ago and had the girls get started on painting the inside so we could add them to our Fall decorations

While we waited for them to dry we all went to get frozen yogurt

The rest of the day was spent catching up on some of Brooklyn's homework for the week, the girls playing, watching tv and just relaxing.  It was nice having a little mid week day off but it did throw me off on what day it was Thursday, I kept thinking it was Monday.  Next week the girls have minimum days for conferences all week and then we are off the week of Thanksgiving.  I can't believe how fast the days are going!


Billie Jo said...

Those turkeys are adorable!!!!!!!!!!
I know though, how in the world is it this time of year?
Didn't we just start school?
Enjoy your weekend!

Becca said...

How cute are those jars?!