Monday, May 16, 2016

Brooklyn's Last Ballgame of the Season

 A few weeks ago Brooklyn wrapped up her softball season with her last league game.  She has enjoyed playing so much this year and was very sad to be done with the season.  She improved so much this season and definitely wants to play again next Spring!

At first base in her ready position....always!


Out again!
Lots of action playing first base this game

Waiting patiently on deck for her turn.

Brooklyn has been struggling with batting throughout the season but the last few games she was getting some good hits and it helped her confidence a lot.

Safe at first....

and at home.

This picture below cracks me up because this is her!  She LOVES to cheer on her teammates and is very loud.  Everygame she was usually the one leading the girls in the softball songs and cheering in the dugout.

At the end of every game the girls would form their circle, sway back and forth saying Roll Tide, Roll over and over again just like The University of Alabama's sports teams do in each of their games.

It was the cutest!

Before leaving one of her coaches sent them all home with adorable elephant(team mascot) bracelets and a mini bottle of champagne(apple cider) to celebrate an amazing season!

This team, the coaches and the girls have been my very favorite since we began five years ago when Kayla started playing.   It was everything a season should be for a kid and I am so thankful that Brooklyn got to be a part of it!!


Tara said...

Oh my gosh.. that first photo!!!

Jill said...

What great pictures and her smile says it all, awesome! enjoy your afternoon!