Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend

The holiday weekend began Friday after we picked up Kayla from school.  She noticed the Summer Fun List was up as soon as she got home!!  She ran to get Brooklyn so she could read it right away.

Our list this year is mostly filled with our normal Summer fun with some camping trips here and there but the one thing on there they did not know about was Legoland.  They were very excited about that!!  Kayla pointed out I added Game Night twice so I now have a blank spot that needs to be filled.

After they finished reading the Summer fun list they got started on making a mess and playing together followed by fighting and then back to playing together. 

But nothing stopped me from making a margarita and reading some magazines on the back porch!

When hubby got home he got to work on putting together Kayla's new desk and hutch.  I rearranged her room and got it all set up for the time being.  I went to sleep sad that night, even though I love her room all set up now it no longer looks like a little girls room.  It just reminded me how big she is getting and it's going way too fast!

Saturday we spent all day at my father in laws swimming!

The water was a bit too cold for me but the girls of course did not mind one bit.

By the time we got home on Saturday night it was showers and bedtime.  Sunday morning we had a Champagne brunch to go to at our friends home.

The girls had a great time playing with their friend while we got to enjoy some delicious mimosas and breakfast with friends.

We got home around 3 and Brooklyn wanted to play in the backyard for a bit and Kayla watched a favorite show.  Sunday night we enjoyed being home with some cuddle time and of course Brooklyn needing some help getting her pajamas on the right way. 

This girl gets so sidetracked when she walks into her room that she will always end up playing instead of doing what she is supossed to so it's no surprise when she often walks out with something on backwards.

We spent Monday at my mother in laws celebrating a few birthdays.  Brooklyn and her uncle Joe spent some time teasing each other and had us all cracking up.

We had a busy weekend but luckily it was busy with pure fun.   The girls are down to their last 3 days of school this week and we are all very excited for Thursday afternoon when school will officially be out for Summer!!!

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Tara said...

Yup... sidetracked!!! That is sooooo Abigail! Abigail would have so much fun with your girls! I loved your weekend. Perfect mix of relaxing, family time and getting that desk project done! Happy summer to ALL of you! ~tara