Friday, June 3, 2016

Field Trips

A few weeks before school got out I chaperoned Kayla's last field trip as a third grader.  We were headed to Gilman Ranch on a cold and cloudy May day.

We were cozy in our sweatshirts together and ready for the field trip.

My lil cutie!

The evening before I was warned by another mom that this field trip was really boring so I was a bit worried about how the day would go but I honestly loved this field trip.

It was right up my alley learning all about and seeing all the wagons, hearing about the old ranch days.  I have always loved this era so I was not bored at all!

The kids were all intrigued by this old safe, suposedly it's never been opened so they were all trying to come up with the right combination to see what was in it.

Kayla typing out her name on the telegraph

panning for gold

and they even had a fun game set up for all the kids.  They got to wash, rinse and hang towels on two teams and see who got done first.  They loved this.

Inside the old Gilman House

The view from the front porch of the house, can you imagine having this view everyday!!!
So beautiful.


Wednesday morning Kayla had field day all day at the school and Brooklyn had her very last field trip as a Kindergartener!!

They were headed to the local fire station which is conveniently located down the street so each class took turns walking.  They all sang as we walked with Brooklyn usually leading with Jingle Bells.  I bet the teacher will not miss that.

Checking out the fire truck and all their gear

Brooklyn's favorite part of the field trip was shooting the water from the hose of course.

Before it was time to head back to the school, the kids learned some fire safety including stop, drop and roll.

Back at school I ran into this cutie before I left.  She was having soooo much fun, she had just got done playing with water and was soaked taking a break helping out with the music for musical chairs

Brooklyn and I ran a lot of errands after school but made time for our official last lunch date together during the school year!

Then it was time to wait in the car for Kayla to get out of school.   I think Brooklyn has had enough of waiting for school pick up!!  Me too!


Tara said...

Such sweet memories to tuck away and keep forever. You are such a good mom. Enjoy the beginning of summer with your girls!

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