Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Ten On Ten

Welcome to May's Ten on Ten, I was in the classroom all morning helping out in Brooklyn's class so I captured a little bit of my morning there.  The rest of the day was spent at home doing home stuff like cleaning, laundry, planning doctors visits, haircuts etc.   Pretty exciting stuff!
My morning started out hectic as usual but I made time to grab some tea before running out the door.

A quick Tuesday morning selfie before we all made our way into school

My view for the morning.
There really wasn't too much for me to work on today since there are only 16 more days of school left but it was still fun.

Little Brooklyn at my table working on some math equations.

Back home it was time for lunch.
She was super excited to watch some show she watches everyday at noon, today was the 'to be continued' from yesterdays show and she was very giddy waiting for it to begin.
My lunch and her lunch.

I love Peonies!!
They amaze me, they are so beautiful!!
I wait all year for the month of May and June when I can pick up peonies from Trader Joes.

Summer is just around the corner over here so I spent some time today scheduling Summer activities like swim lessons and Summer parties along with making sure all doctors appointments are done before school gets out so we can enjoy our lazy days that I'm so looking forward too!

Kayla's home from school and about to work on homework so she can then get those birthday thank you's out to the family.

 After dinner playing outside!!
I forgot how nice it is to be home during the evenings and having the girls run around playing in the backyard.

Baths are done and now the girls are enjoying a few shows they usually never have time to watch due to practices.

I can't wait unitl the next Ten on Ten becuase it will finally be Summertime!!!


Billie Jo said...

After bath and before bed time is my favorite time!
Beautiful day, Shannon!

Kim said...

The sunlight in your backyard says "summer nights!!" Counting down the days :) :)