Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Kayla's Final Game and Closing Ceremonies

Kayla's team made it to the play offs this season and had their final game a few weeks ago.

They played their hearts out that week to get to the finals but the team just couldn't pull it together at the play off game and ended up losing.  Ending the season in 2nd place isn't so bad though!

Kayla didn't too well hitting again this season but she was a darn good catcher.  She says she doesn't want to play anymore which makes me a bit sad but maybe she'll come back to it in the future if not it's okay as long as she keeps with soccer or finds something else that she enjoys.

She had good teammates, made a new bestie and how neat that she got to have her dad help coach the team!

Right after Kayla's championship game they had closing day cermonies beginning.  Brooklyn's team was in the parade for the younger kids so I rushed over to catch her.

Brooklyn was in heaven, she was meant to cheer!

The girls ran around for awhile, playing in the giant maze bouncer and we caught up with friends before heading home and finally being done with softball for the season!

It's so nice having evenings back and being able to sleep in on Saturdays but it will not last long, soccer starts in two months and then we'll be busy all over again!

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