Friday, June 10, 2016

Ten On Ten

Just about every day this week has been spent at home.  Brooklyn ended up having strep throat so as you can imagine she was not up for anything.  Yesterday I had to get errands ran and she was feeling much better so we headed out but today I had to get laundry done and get some packing done so we stayed home all day again.   I really don't mind one bit being home all day so I can't complain.  Here is our June Ten on Ten......

Summer mornings with no place to be are the best!
Made the girls breakfast and grabbed my favorite chai latte drink and got the day started.

After breakfast the girls put "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" on and made themselves comfy

My father in law dropped off some magazines and I got started on planning our little getaway that hubby and I are taking

Oh how I despise ironing but it must be done.

A mid day sno cone snack for the girls

Walked down the hall to put groceries away and found Kayla wrapped up in her bed reading at 3:30pm.

and back down the hall Brooklyn was doing the same thing except she was on the ground using the cat as a footrest but he didn't mind at all.  Oh and yes it was a pajama day, the best kind of Summer days.

The day ended with watermelon margaritas, dinner on the patio and a family movie night.
Summer is the best!


Jessica said...

Lovely set, think we're due a pajama day soon! :)

Brandi said...

Looks like a great day, with a delicious ending!

Tara said...

That snow cone machine is the cutest ever!