Tuesday, February 6, 2018


Brooklyn's Fall season of soccer ended a few weeks ago when they placed 4th place out of 50 or so teams in Area.   She improved a lot this season and was even nominated to try out for Spring Select which she decided all on her own that she did not want to make that commitment just yet.   She very much enjoys her home time and I am completely okay with her decision because I don't want her to burn out and not want to play at all anymore.  Although both Spring Select coaches have now tried to recruit her for their upcoming tournament in a few weeks she is still good with her decision!

Brooklyn played forward this season and although she is aggressive and very good at getting the ball and making her way to the goal she does need to work on making her shot.  She tends to let the other forwards take the shot and I think it's just a confidence thing she needs to overcome.  Next year she'll be one of the oldest in her age group so I'm hoping that helps.  Her birthday always gets her put with the older girls who were 3rd and 4th graders this season while she was the only 2nd grader playing on her team and one of the few in the age bracket.

At her team party she was awarded with Offensive M.V.P. which was a big honor for her.  She was completely surprised and so happy!

I love watching her play and seeing her enjoy playing a sport that she is pretty darn good at makes it even better!

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Tara said...

girls and soccer are so fun!