Friday, June 15, 2018

Go Karting

In the first week of Summer we had already marked off two of our Summer Fun List activities!

A friend had mentioned to me several months ago how her daughter attended a birthday party at a nearby go kart place and had so much fun she asked if I would want to meet her with the girls sometime this Summer and I knew they would love it so I said yes.  We then decided that hubby's should go as well because they both enjoy racing.   Hubby is obsessed with Formula1 and LOVES to go karting!  He's been asking me to go for the past 15 years or so and I've always said no thank you but I decided I'd finally give it a try.

The kids raced first, separately from us adults.

They all did great and Kayla and Brooklyn really liked it!  Kayla came in first, Brooklyn second and their buddy Lily, third.

Next up was us adults.  My friend Kristine and I were a bit nervous as we had never done this.   There was nothing to be worried about though because it ended up being really fun!

Hubby came in first of course, then our friend Dave, I came in third and Kristine came in fourth.

After all of the excitement of racing we all went out to dinner and caught up on life.   Our first week of Summer was a good one with a trip to Great Wolf Lodge and then some Go Karting.  So far Summer is off to a good start!

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