Monday, June 11, 2018

Great Wolf Lodge

One of the things on our Summer Fun List was to go to Great Wolf Lodge.   Kayla was most excited for this trip and had been asking over and over again when we would be going so she was very happy to find out that we would be going the first week of Summer.  We went for one night which was more than enough time for us since we got to spend both Thursday and Friday in their waterpark.   We had plenty of time to have fun by just staying one night.

We checked in early and put our stuff in our rooms.  Hubby and I took a little happy vacation shot of whiskey before heading down to enjoy the water slides.

Kayla loved all of the slides and had no problem finding things to do but Brooklyn is not so much into rides or scary, fast things so she struggled with finding things to keep her busy.   She did try on slide that we could all ride together as a family but she ended up not liking it which I didn't blame her because it was a bit scary to me too.  She ended up sticking to the kid zone but that only gave her about 3 slides for the entire two days we were there.   We went on those quite a few times and then enjoyed the lazy river and wave pool while daddy and Kayla rode most of the other slides together.   

We stayed at the water park until about 6:30 on Thursday and then headed to our room to shower and get dinner.

After a late dinner we grabbed ice cream for dessert

By 10am we were back at the waterpark before heading home.  We stayed until about 2 and then made our way home.  Brooklyn got a little bored this day because she had already done the same things so many times.

Kayla did a good job though spending time with Brooklyn and going down the water slides Brooklyn liked or just playing in the wave pool together which was nice because then hubby and I got a little break and got to actually hang out together.   Kayla begged me to go on a few slides with her and even though I, like Brooklyn prefer to take it safe, I gave in because I know how much she loves these things.  I did end up liking one of the slides that we rode in a tube together and then the other one I did not like at all!  We had a good laugh at the one I did not like at all.   She got up after the ride laughing saying how much fun that was and I was like no, that was not fun at all :)

We all changed into dry clothes for our ride home and then stopped into the gift shop so Kayla could buy a dragon before we left.

Kayla was sad to go and Brooklyn was ready to go.   Overall it was a fun experience but I don't know that we will be rushing back anytime soon though.  I am much more looking forward to our relaxing beach camping trips coming up soon!


Billie Jo said...

We have never been, but that place looks so fun!
Your girls are so special, Shannon.
What a great start to summer!

Tara said...

It's always great to start the summer off with something super fun like that!!!