Monday, August 6, 2018

End of Summer Picnic 2018

Last Thursday we headed up to Oak Glen for our annual end of Summer picnic!  I love this little tradition we began so many years ago, it's always a perfect way to say goodbye to all of the fun we had over Summer.   Before we headed to our picnic stop we dropped in at a little shop that sells all different home goods and of course some treats because I thought we needed to pick up a dessert for us to share.   We bought some delicious fudge and then headed over to see the goats.

There were baby goats bouncing around all over the place, they were just the cutest!

We then headed over to the old school house for our picnic.  The girls loved this spot so much last year that they said they wanted this to be our new spot for end of Summer picnics.  They spent two hours playing on the playground.  It was perfect!

We enjoyed our lunch and read through a few of our back to school books we've had forever.

Then they were off playing while I watched and hoped they could just stay little enough to always enjoy playing at the park.

The tire swing and teeter totter was their favorite and they spent pretty much most of their time on those two.

My sixth grader is still beyond excited to start middle school this week!  She has a few classes with her best friend so I'm feeling a little better about her year now too.

Brooklyn is so so about beginning third grade, she can't wait to see all of her friends again but she's not too excited about the being and going to school all day.  She would much rather be at home playing with her toys in her pajamas.

When it was time to leave I told the girls I wanted to get some pictures of them over at the school house with my good camera since I had been using my camera phone for these pictures but when we went to put everything back in the car  Brooklyn ended up shutting the door with her finger still stuck in it.  Thank gosh it wasn't broken or hurt worse but she was in tears and after that I decided we better just head back home.  Prior to that moment we had had a great time and enjoyed our end of Summer picnic together!

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