Tuesday, August 7, 2018

The Last Few Days of Summer

Our Summer Fun List has all been checked off except for one item.  The girls have packed their school bags and have their first day outfits picked out for tomorrow.  I can't believe it's already here and we will be back to those busy schedules in just one day. 

We enjoyed our last few days of Summer as much as possible.  One of the things on our Summer fun list was to visit an arcade.  Kayla couldn't wait and it definitely did not disappoint.  

Brooklyn played the same car game for just about the entire hour we were here.


We all had a blast playing the video games.  So many were from when hubby and I were young


The next morning Kayla had middle school orientation and this is the only picture I got because I was planning on getting one of her at pick up but when we arrived for pick up we found out she had lost her retainer and after digging through trash cans for about an hour we still did not find it.

Before we knew about the retainer ordeal Brooklyn and I enjoyed cuddling at home after we dropped off Kayla.

Then we ran some errands and stopped into Starbucks for a treat.  We even grabbed one for Kayla which she barely got to drink because, trash digging.   Ugh, so not a fun way to spend our Friday!

I was happy to enjoy a beer with dinner that night after our day.

That night we also went over to my brother and sister in laws for some homemade grape mojitos and for the kids to have some cousin time.  Hubby is not the biggest fan of animals so of course their kitty chose him to jump up on.

Cousins enjoying some movie time together

Saturday we headed out to Palm Springs to enjoy our last Saturday swim day at my father in laws.

I'm so not ready to give up these swim days!
They are always the perfect way to spend a Saturday.

Sunday we enjoyed a yummy breakfast before getting lots of housework done.

Of course the girls enjoyed relaxing and watching movies together.

Monday morning we had an orthodontist appointment so Kayla could get fitted for her 2nd retainer.

After we went to Target to get some back to school items and of course so the girls could pick out some new Hatchimals.

Then it was time to meet my parents for lunch, one last Summer lunch together

Today the girls completely cleaned out their desks and organized all of their school supplies while I did laundry and cleaned.   Back to School night for Brooklyn is later on and then we'll be home to get ready for the day back tomorrow.   I'm usually a little happy to have the routine back but this year I'm just not ready, I need more Summer!


Kelli said...

I can't believe how quickly summer went by. Nicolas and Juliana go back on Monday.
Hope everyone has a good first day of school!

Tara said...

You know how to give your girls the happiest memories on their last days of summer! Wishing them a wonderful start to their new year!!